God is good!

So my husband had been moved to a jail about 5 hours away from me. I haven’t seen him in at least 30 days, My daughters and I missed him so much, we were getting use to visiting him at the local jail, since his move we couldn’t go see him.
Anyhow I deciede its time to go visit since summer is almost over. We take the drive very beautiful by the way Washington is a beautiful state. 1st day totally awesome we see him behind the glass, the last place he was was on a computer monitor, my baby says dada he is thrilled, ahhh so happy to visit.
Second day even better oh how I missed him. Then last night on the 2nd day when the visit was over the gaurd says I’m feeling generous and motions for us to move into the contact room, he says to my husband it looks like they need it and so do you.
Praise the Lord! I’m able to hug my husband and kiss him and smell him and touch him it was the best ever!! my kids jumped all over him. This was a miracle from God, because everyone knows this is notthe norm and is never allowed. This was God moving in the heart of a gaurd and God’s ultimate authority being done. He is so good. I intend to write more but I’m getting ready to go visit him again. I know no one is reading my blog now but feels good to Praise the Lord for all to read!


2 responses to “God is good!

  1. I read your blog today, Alyssa. (:

    My spiritual walk is different than your faith walk, and I have never had to “do time” with a loved one. However, your words are so honest and real, that they bring tears to my eyes. Whether anyone else reads your blog or not, God Loves you for all that you do. Surely you will receive many more small (and large) acts of grace as the months go by.

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