This dream I had the night before we went to visit Brian at his new jail.
I saw the visiting area there was a long table and on 1 of the table there was glass where we sat to visit him…
That day when we went to visit we saw him behind the glass…
Next day – I had a dream that we went to visit and instead of sitting at the table with the glass we were at the table where there was no glass..
That day we had a contact visit if you scroll all the way down I posted about the miracle contact visit we had. I beleive this also goes hand in hand with the dream first dream I had when I escorted him to jail and we were so happy and peaceful.
This next dream I had really scared me, but my sister in law said what it meant..
I had a dream that my husband had died the night he was arrested and everyone kept telling me that he died and he didn’t go to jail and I was telling everyone NO he is not dead! I talk to him 3 times a day and I have visited with him! The next day when I woke from this dream I was so sad and depressed all I wanted was to see him again.
My sister in law told me that this dream could mean that all his family and friends had given up hope in him and his drinking which is pretty true and I didn’t even though I was fed up with it I still stuck around in hopes that the Lord would deal with him and heal him from his addictions and I prayed God would turn him into the man I had always desired him to be. Because ultimately I knew his potential I had seen it so many times, he truly has a heart of gold when he is following the Lord.
Praise the Lord he is turning into the man I have always desired!


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