So this may sound crazy to some but they are mine and I believe they are from God. I have had a few dreams that came to pass that I want to share..
The first one is when my husband Brian was at the local jail here in town.
I woke up and we had our normal morning conversation and I told my love about this weird dream I had last night: Brian had called me and said that they were transferring him to work release and that they would allow me to come and take him, so I came down to the jail and he had his regular clothes on and we got into a boat floated down the river to his new jail and we were happy, filled with joy! We kissed, hugged and loved each other and we were so peaceful. I saw his new jail and it was a dorm style jail with beds around the walls and vanilla color table in the middle of the room where they would eat. Then I left and he stayed there.
Getting back to reality I told him that dream he said hmm weird.. later that night he called me and said I have something to tell you, they are transferring me to another jail 4 hours away from here! What?!? I could’nt believe it we finally became comfortable with our weekly visits and him being close to home how would I see him 4 hours away??!! Then the Lord reminded me of my dream, and I told him Brian remember my dream? It’s gonna be okay.. I looked up where he was going to be moved to and there is a river flowing in front of the jail just as my dream had indicated… When he got there Brian informed me that the jail was dorm style and described what it looked like but was fairly close to my dream.


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