Your Captivation Heart by Stasi Eldredge

I just finished reading this book and will add it to my list of recommended books, I think every women should read it. It’s a small book but shows the Great Love God has for us women. We as women can have the fairytale happy ever after with God. He IS our Prince Charming and He does love us so and He has rescued us. Please read this book very good! Genesis 2:18 God calls us ” ezer kenegdo ” which the bible translates into helper, this phrase means more than helper it means lifesaver. In all the bible when this word ezer is used it describes God in life and death situations and God is your only hope, ezer means lifesaver kenegdo means alongside.
As women we need to be a life offering, lifesaving woman who lives in her unique calling and offers her glory to the world and for the glory of God. A life that flows out of our intimacy with Jesus. ( quoted form the book )


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